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Thursday, 24/06/2021
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What is Android?

  • Android is a Operating System which almost every Mobile user is aware of. It was primarily designed for touchscreen Mobile ... Read more »

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Ever Wondered why emails containing links for making quick money or emails giving you products at a very low price comes to your email account without taking any subscription? Or from where they get your email address? And why they send you these? 
This Article is answer for all these Questions and also for its Prevention.

Category: $ecurity | Views: 3473 | Added by: Money | Date: 20/02/2012 | Comments (3)

There are many people who are having problem in running C++ in windows 7 and many other having problem to run it in Full Screen Mode. Now i am here with a very simple solution for you all. 

This problem occurs due to the compatibility issue. To avoid this we will use DosBox0.74.

NOTE:Follow my steps as they are written to avoid any error.

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This time i am sharing an amazing Application with you. You can use Multiple Desktop in your Windows like the Desktops many Touch Screen Cell Phones are having.

This is done with a Application named WindowsPager ... Read more »
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