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Wednesday, 20/10/2021


We can't paste content directly into C++ and C by coping and pasting it. So here's a easy trick to do so WITHOUT ANY SOFTWARE. Just follow few easy steps:

1>>Write anything in Turboc and save it(take any name say mixworld) in Bin Folder.

2>>Copy the content you wanna paste in program.

3>>Then go to the folder 'Bin' as in this folder that file is saved.

4>>There are two to three files of that name in that folder.

5>>Checkout the properties of those files and find out the file having type 'C++ source'.

6>>Now just open it with notepad(Right click on it->Open with->Choose Notepad) and paste your content there and save it.

Now open that file in Turboc and you will see the copied content in the program..BiNg0..!!.. ;)
Do Comment if some problem occurs. . . .

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