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Tuesday, 27/07/2021
Convert Your Mobile into Wireless Webcam:)

NOTE:There's a Trick at the end of this article. Do read that after reading all this. You will Surely feel good after reading that. ;)
Tired of carrying your bulky USB webcam and USB cables??.. Then just throw out your USB webcam with its cables and use your mobile phone as bluetooth based web camera. Its true and is very easy to install.The software required is Mobiola Web Camera 3.0.Go to this site and click on the 'Download' under the Mobiola Web Camera. Then select your device type and the downloading will start. 

It has two components:
1) A client application that resides on the phone.

2) A webcam PC driver compatible with any Windows application that can receive video feeds from a web camera.

Note:This App is 100% Working on Nokia 5530 Xpress music. This Phone is of Symbian s60 Category.
How to Install it on Your PC?
Its installation is quite simple.Be sure to switch ON the bluetooth of your laptop/PC while installing. 

How to Install on Your Phone?(For Symbian S60 Phones)
There is a file which has Extension '.sis'. Copy this file to your Mobile Phone and install it. 

After Installation on Your Phone & PC
After Installing it in your phone, start this app in Phone and PC and connect them.

Connecting Both Devices{Main Step}
This Step Seems to be tough but is not so.Just follow the instructions provided step by step:
1.Click on the Bluetooth option given there in PC's Mobiola

2.Then select the right communication port there.
If you don't know about the right com port then you can select one by one all ports.Just wait for 2 Seconds after choosing each port and in that waiting period keep your eye at your Phone's display. Unknowingly, when you will select the right Com Port, then your phone will automatically connect with PC Quickly.Webcam will now start automatically.

Not only your Phone will Work as Webcam, you can also see your Phone's Display on your PC & can also take Snapshots:)
Now your webcam is always with you wherever you go. Just connect it with your laptop and enjoy:)

Promised Trick ;)

Guys this Mobiola Software is a Trial Version. Don't feel sad after reading the previous line because here's its solution. It's a 7 day trial(or may be 14). Just write the date of its installation in a notepad & give it a name of your choice(i named "Software Date") and keep it at a handy place. When you need to use this Software, then just change your Pc's date to that date(or a date which is within 7 days after the installation date of Mobiola) and log off(or restart,your wish) and it will work fine after that:)
Have Fun!!

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