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Wednesday, 20/10/2021

This is not a super high-tech geeky trick but it just a short and simple trick on how you can create a folder without name in Windows XP.

When each time you create a new folder in Windows XP, Microsoft has made "New Folder" as the default name. Even you enter the spacebar so many times to create blank spaces, it still will generate the "New Folder" text like this.


So, how you can create a folder like this?


No, it is not a Photoshop trick. I did not edit the first image. Lol... Here is how to do this trick, you need a keyboard with numpad. To rename the folder with blank spaces, just press Alt and dial 255 on Numpad(Don't leave 'Alt' while dialing) and then leave all keys and then hit Enter. Then you are successfully creating a folder without name in Windows XP.

But, make sure to press the numbers from the numpad and not from the numbers below the F1 - F12 keys. And take note that you only can create one folder without name in a directory.

Why should I use this trick? Nothing! Just for fun or maybe you can use it to amaze your friends. 

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