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Wednesday, 20/10/2021

Sometimes  you send some confidential email to your friend(or someone else) which has chances  of being leaked by him and you don't want this to happen. Here's a solution for this. You can send him a email in which the message sent by you is self destructive and will be deleted after once he read it. Follow few steps to start sending self destructive emails.

>>Write the message you want to send in the box shown.

>>After writing your message do check mark "Notify me when this note gets read".Then give your email address and Reference name(These option will come after check marking "

>>Now click on "Create note".

>>Then you will be provided by a link as shown below. Copy it and paste it in the email which is to be sent.

We are finished with our working!
Just send it to the Recipient and Enjoy!

>>IF someone will try that link again then a message will be displayed that "This message was read, so it has been destroyed" like the below one:

Do Comment if some problem occur.

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