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Wednesday, 05/08/2020
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How to Avoid Spam in your Email Account

Ever Wondered why emails containing links for making quick money or emails giving you products at a very low price comes to your email account without taking any subscription? Or from where they get your email address? And why they send you these? 
This Article is answer for all these Questions and also for its Prevention.

What is Email Spam?
Email spam is commonly referred to as junk email, that involves unimportant and annoying messages sent to a mass amount of email addresses.
Computers that are infected with viruses, often called Botnets, are typically used to distribute about 80 percent of email spam.

Why Spamming is used?
  • Email spam messages are unsolicited and often advertise products and websites or try to lure recipients to disclose personal information.
  • Sending email spam costs the recipient and not the sender, many advertisers use it to advertise their goods and services.
  • Many spammers obtain a mass amount of email addresses and sell them to other spammers, so this continues and its a business in internet world.
Why to Stop Spamming?
  • To Avoid Discloser of the Personal Information: Accidentally opening a spam e-mail with unwanted viruses,Spyware and Trojans attached to it can cause your computer a lot of problems. You can end up with a crashed system, identity theft problem, lost data and much more. You think that your computer has just slow down, but it could also mean that your personal data is being collected without your knowledge and sent to a third party, either to sell, trade or use it to commit crime.

What Content Spam Emails generally Contains?

  •  Pyramid schemes (including Multilevel Marketing)
  •  Other "Get Rich Quick" or "Make Money Fast" schemes.
  •  Offers of phone sex lines and ads for pornographic web sites.
  •  Cheap health products and remedies.
  •  Offers Illegal pirated softwares.
How to Prevent Spam Emails?

Maintain two email addresses:
  • A Personal Email Address: That you give to family, friends and business associates.
  • A Safe Email Address: One you use whenever you’re ordering something online, signing up for an email newsletter, or creating a profile on a website.
Using a Safe email address on websites will make your Personal information very Safe.If unfortunately a spammer were to get a hold on this address, all the spam will go into Safe Address which is not for Personal Purposes therefore not affecting your Personal Info.

Don't write your Email Address in Comments in any website:
If you will leave your email address in comment area then spammers can easily get them using Softwares. Instead you can follow a method to write it there so that no software detects it.
If your email address is abc@xyz.com then write it as abc [at the rate] xyz dot com. This will not let any spammer software to know about your email address as it is only a text for a tool.

Avoid opening spam Emails:
If you do spot what looks like a spam email in your inbox, avoid opening it. Spammers are very clever. They attracts you by sending a mail which contain content that you’ve won a cash prize or exotic holiday or email containing help to someone suffering from some disease.
But however tempting or worrying these emails appear to be, you can guarantee they’ll also be complete rubbish. So don’t open them.
If you do open a spam email by mistake, don’t click on any links in the email.

Don’t be tempted to reply:
Never reply to a spam email – even if this is just to say you don’t want to receive these emails anymore. Most spam accounts are left unread and replying can increase security risks further.
Similarly, don’t threaten the sender. In some cases, emails will be read and spammers still have rights – so if you’ve sent a threatening email, you could face legal action.

Avoid unsubscribing options in that Email:
If you do open up a spam email, you may find an unsubscribe link. But while it might seem logical to click on this link and unsubscribe, you may find that all it does is confirm your address is active and as a result, you’ll receive even more spam. So avoid using unsubscribe options.

Use a spam filter:
If you use Microsoft Outlook or something like this, Then the first thing to do is to use a spam filter such as Mailwasher. This will help to cut down on the number of spam emails you receive as it will detect unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevent them from getting into your inbox.
Unfortunately, however, as I've already said, it won’t stop them completely.

Never Give personal Info in Spam Emails:

Phishing is mainly done in Spam Emails. So never give your personal info in these Emails. To know how to avoid Phishing, Read my Article, How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

So these were Some techniques through which you can avoid spam. Also If you know any other do share with us.

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