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PC Tips & Tricks

Wednesday, 20/10/2021

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1. What’s with the word "CON”?

Try to create a folder anywhere you like (i.e. desktop, my documents).
Rename the folder with CON and see what will happen.
Try to rename other files (i.e. images, documents) with CON. Still, it doesn’t change right?
2. What’s up with "BUSH”?

Open your notepad.
Type "Bush hid the facts” without the " ".
Save it and open it again.

Internet Tricks:

If you are surfing on small monitor and want to use full screento view websites press F11 and your browser will remove all toolbars, address bar and the full screen size will be utilized to view website.

To switch to normal mode, press F11 again.

Zoom In and Out in Browser
Zooming in and out in Browser

Hold Ctrl key and use the up/down scroll of the mouse wheel to zoom in and out in any browser.

To reset to the origianl font size hold Ctrl key and press 0. (Ctrl + 0)

newfolder-02.gifCreate Folder Without Name:  

Ya Guys you can Create a Folder in Windows Which is not having any Name like Shown above. To do this go to my Article, Create Folder Without Name

Is your Anti virus protecting you??If not sure then take its test just NOW Its very Easy and Safe. To Take Test go to my Article Test your Anti-Virus!

Microsoft Word Trick:

Open Microsoft Word and just type: 

=rand (200, 99) 

And then press ENTER 
Then see the magic...:))
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