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Tuesday, 27/07/2021

USB drives and portable disks are more in than Floppy drives and CDs these days. So here is a short tutorial on how you can make a USB drive or a portable drive a bootable disk to rescue system and run your System (Windows) without a floppy or CD disk.

NOTE: This Method is 100% WORKING and is TESTED by ME.

Follow these steps to make USB drive bootable

  • Download two files ‘Command File’ and ‘HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool’.
  • Make a folder with name ‘BOOT’(or any other of your choice) and extract the file ‘Command’ in BOOT folder.
  • Now install the other utility (HP USB Disk Storage Format).
  • Open installed utility (HP USB Disk Storage Format) and in ‘Device’ filed select device that you want to make bootable (USB drive etc) Also check the option ‘Create A DOS Startup Disk’.
  • Now press the browse button to locate the BOOT folder and hit the Start button.

These simple steps will make your USB drive (or any other portable drive) a bootable drive. To use this bootable drive on any computer always go to Bios Setting to select USB drive as ‘First Boot Device’.

Note: In many computers USB is not present as a option in boot device option(in BIOS). You have too choose option named 'HARD DISK' as first boot device to set USB as first boot device. There is one more option named 'REMOVABLE'. Don't get confused with it as this contain the priority of floppy disk.

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