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Wednesday, 05/08/2020
Main » 2012 » January » 13 » Use Multiple Desktop in Windows for Amazing Experience
4:49 PM
Use Multiple Desktop in Windows for Amazing Experience

This time i am sharing an amazing Application with you. You can use Multiple Desktop in your Windows like the Desktops many Touch Screen Cell Phones are having.

This is done with a Application named WindowsPager . This App is very safe and easy to use. Also it is very Fast. This will provide you four Virtual Desktops. You can easily switch between four of them.

Every virtual Desktop will Run Different Processes. If you used to deal with too many windows then this feature is very much useful to you.

Also no need to install this Application, Just double click on it and it will run. This feature makes it portable, i.e. you can put it in your USB drive and can take along with you to run it on other PC's.

You can also move any running process to another Desktop by Right-Clicking on title bar of that window and selecting Move to Desktop 2(your Choice which one to Choose out of Desktop 1,2,3 or 4).

Some more Features of WindowsPager are:

  • 64 bit support

  • Safe: automatic window restore even on crash by use of two separate processes.

  • "Mini-Windows" give an overview from each desktop

  • Keyboard Shortcuts for switching the desktop. Use Ctrl-Win-Left/Right Arrow key to switch between Desktops.

  • No Administrator rights necessary.

  • Virtual desktops(also called Workspaces) works for Windows Vista/7(both 32 and 64 bit)/XP/2000.

Enjoy Guys! Do Comment to Improve us :)
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