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PC Tips & Tricks

Tuesday, 27/07/2021

If you want to hide your account from the Windows Log-on screen or create a new fresh invisible one just do the following:

1. Go to Control Panel and create a NEW_ACCOUNT inside User Accounts

2. Go to START->RUN–type in regedit

3. Carefully go to the following destination;                                                             


4. Here create a new DWORD by right clicking and name it as you did your NEW_ACCOUNT. If you want to hide an existing one, just type in its name.

Create a hidden account

5. The value of the DWORD has to be zero if you want it to be hidden. If you want it to show, just change the value to 1.

6. Now log off and see that your account is not in the logon screen.

7. To logon to your hidden account press CTRL+ALT+Delete twice. Here type in your NEW_ACCOUNT and that’s it

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