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Tuesday, 27/07/2021
Depressed because cannot access your favorite site ? Never again . If your favorite site have been locked by network administrator, you can use PROXY websites or Softwares to bypass websense.

Let me give you small hint about what proxy websites do. Proxy is like a tunnel which comes between your ISP and your PC. It connects you to the another server(any server of another country or yours). While using proxy you access the internet through the server with which you are connected and your ISP doesn't get the info about the website which you are accessing. Thus you bypassed the websense.
For example, FEW ISP blocks www.mobango.com (i don't know why). It's a good site for getting free mobile stuff. You can also access this website after further reading.

To bypass websense:

>>Just open Proxy website and enter the URL to which you want to go.Here's a list of proxy Websites. But i recommend you www.bypassschoolfilter.com as its faster than other sites.


>>BETTER option than above is to use ultra surf. It's a proxy software and also much faster.Downloadultra surf and run it. Then you can access your favorite websites(ONLY in Google chrome and Internet Explorer) without opening any proxy website.

NOTE: DON'T do some illegal work after using proxy as proxy websites use to keep your record. You should only surf your favorite websites.

Do comment if some problem persists.
Happy surfing!!!

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