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Wednesday, 05/08/2020
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8:29 PM
Set Long Profile Picture in Facebook

Profile Picture is the first thing which a person sees in your Profile. It makes the first impression on that person. If you wanna make your first impression as the best one then this may help you. After reading this article you will be able to set a long DP(Display Pic) to your Profile,Fan Page and to your Group. With a online Editing tool you can simply make your long pic to your Profile and can also add Special Effects to it. 

To set Long Profile Pic follow these steps:

  • Now Click on Load Photo to load photo from your PC or Click Use Webcam to Click Photo from your Webcam.

  • Now Edit your photo and make it different with the special effects.

  • Now Click on Login To FB button and Enter your Username and Password.

  • Now click on Allow Button on the Permission and Request Page.

  • Now IF you click on Send to FB button then this image will go to your Album. To make it your Display image click on Download Pic button and Update your Profile Photo with this pic.

You will get a cool Facebook DP :)

Enjoy Guys!
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