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Wednesday, 05/08/2020
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1:21 PM
Nokia n888

Checkout Nokia's n888- World's slimmest cellphone

Nokia 888 is a concept mobile phone , with a bracelet-like design that has never been endorsed by Nokia. This mobile phone concept has been designed by the industrial designer Tamer Nakisci and won the Benelux design contest in 2005. Three years have passed since the award and still no mobile phone company has put it in practice.

The phone has an amazing design , you can fold it in many ways according to your needs. You can wear it as a bracelet , roll it , bend it and wear it as a clip on your clothes. It is amazing how fun this mobile can be.

Nokia 888 Concept is mostly targeted to teenagers that are very active and take place in a lot of different activities.

E-motions... It means electronical motions that 888 has. You can send and receive forms from / to friends. You can send a heart shape to your girlfriend, so her telephone turns into an icon of heart;). Or you can send a dancing form to your friends to call them to the party tonight. This is the fun side of the product. If we look from the functionality side, 888 is quite flexible. You can put it into your pocket, roll it and make it smaller, or put on your wrist when you want to make a video call on the go. If you want to talk like a normal telephone, there you have your telephone shape. We go through a lot of places and situations in the daily life, so it seems like one form is not enough.

Nokia 888 is just a concept right now, but soon it will be reality. As tehnology adcances day by day we will be soon able to hold a phone like the 888 in our hands

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