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Wednesday, 05/08/2020
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--->>Free Best Antivirus and Trojan Remover
The Importance of Anti-Virus Software: 
Networked computers can easily intercept viruses from the Internet or other computers. Without proper protection, your computer can lose important hard drive information, or even shut down your computer completely.
You must update your antivirus regularly so as to keep your pc safe from the new viruses and Trojans.

This is one of the Best Anti-Virus Softwares. Microsoft launched it. It can guard you easily against Viruses, Trojans, Rats and Stealers easily. Its updated regularly by Microsoft. Also its very easy to install and use. BUT the condition to use it is that your Windows must be GENUINE. If you will install it at Non-Genuine Windows you will not be able to use windows after some time and have to install Windows again.
I Recommend this Anti-Virus as this is too good but use it only if you have GENUINE Windows.

This is a trusted and user-friendly free anti-virus scanner that has stood the test of time. It handles traditional viruses and trojans through system scans that the user can run manually, or set to run automatically at certain times or on certain days of the week. It also offers some real-time protection, anti-malware protection, an email scanner and even a link scanner. The newest feature provided to users in the United States is the Identity Theft Recovery Unit, which is accessed through the AVG toolbar in Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Avast is another free anti-virus that has been around for many years and has seen many improvements. "Avast Free" was formerly known as the "Home Edition" and provides multiple kinds of security shields for your computer. Avast offers both anti-virus and anti-spyware scans as well as real-time protection. It also offers shields on email, system files, instant messaging programs, peer-to-peer network and Internet. Other features include a silent-gaming mode as well as an "intelligent scanner." Beginning with Avast Free 5, the program also has an upgraded user interface, making it aero-friendly and including Explorer-styled buttons and navigation for ease of use.

This anti-virus software offers powerful and flexible scanning options to protect your computer. Not only does Avira have the ability to scan a computer's hard drive for issues, but it can also scan external hard drives that are attached to your computer. Along with an anti-virus scan, it provides anti-spyware protection with scanning technology that can break into "locked" files that malicious software may place or lock on your machine. Avira also has internal security that prevents the program from being altered by viruses and spyware and can remove all discovered threats with one click.
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